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Bletchley Park

Whilst the club’s primary objectives are to help people understand computers, it also acts as part of the social activity in the village.

Besides providing a great forum to catch up on local news every week, the club also organises an annual Christmas party and a Summer outing. In 2009, the club’s first outing was a trip to Bletchley Park, the WW2 code-breaking centre which was the birthplace of modern computing.

Club members are shown HMS Astute

In 2010, the club’s outing took us to the Historic Dockyard at Chatham, where we learned that HMS Victory had been built there and had the chance to see the rope-walk—still used to produce ropes using traditional methods.

Visitors to the RNLI Lifeboat collection on the site could admire the Edward Bridges, named in honour of Tessa’s father-in-law. 

In 2011, the club toured the 2012 Olympic Park—highly topical as Headley will be hosting the Cycling Road Races on the opening weekend of the 2012 Olympics.

Before the visit we were lucky to have an evening talk which gave an insider’s view of the Olympic development project from its Energy Manager—one of whose parents is a club member.

Club members are shown HMS Astute

The club’s social activity is a key part of its contribution to the local community. Each year there are three main social events:

Ø The Christmas Party;

Ø The Annual General Meeting—normally in April/May;

Ø the Summer outing. The next trip is scheduled for August 14th 2013. If you have any suggestions for possible destinations, please let us know.